Whether you're a backwater fishing or waterfowl guide or just a weekend adventurer the Outfitter offers a surprising amount of room with its tiller-only design. There's generous, all-business space, from bow to stern. Modest in price, yet practical and seaworthy, the welded mod-V was built for sportsmen and women who don't need anything too "fancy" but don't want to leave needed features behind.

2020 Outfitter 1654

Length (LOA): 16' 2"
Max HP:40hp
Approx Wet Wt:772lbs
Person Cap:4/4

2020 Outfitter 1754

Length (LOA): 17'
Max HP:60hp
Approx Wet Wt:774lbs
Person Cap:4/4

2020 Outfitter 1860

Length (LOA): 18' 1"
Max HP:60hp
Approx Wet Wt:965lbs
Person Cap:4/4


The choice is always yours with Polar Kraft so whether you opt for riveted or welded models we have your back- our hulls are backed by a lifetime warranty. Polar Kraft can make this promise because our large rivets and our hand-crafted welds are administered by aluminum craftsmen and women who have been building boats for decades.These hulls don’t back down from rough lakes or angry seas—they invite such conditions, so our lifetime warranty isn’t just a promise, it’s the way Polar Kraft ensures that you have a boat that is your lifelong friend to get you on the ducks, snook, bass or crappie without ever having to worry about carrying duct tape.


Polar Kraft Hull Construction
  1. 1. Angled Power Bars

    Counteract the twisting action of the engine’s weight and thrust, transferring thistorque energy across the boats entire hull.

  2. 2. Reinforced Bow Support

    Provides rigidity, consistency and energy dispersion when hitting a wave.

  3. 3. Extra Thick Hull Design

    Polar Kraft boats are hand formed out of the thickest aluminum on the market — making our boats the toughest in the industry.

  4. 4. Six Sturdy I-Beam Longitudinal Stringers

    Run the entire length of the boat and combine with traverse bulkheads to create torque boxes that provide each Polar Kraft boat with exceptional support of the running surface, which translates into a smoother ride.

  5. 5. Torque Boxes

    Formed by the I-beam transverse bulkheads that are found throughout the lower hull section — provides superior strength and the smoothest ride on the wate

Polar Kraft Color Options

Polar Kraft Color Options

Polar Kraft Flooring & Upholstery Options

Polar Kraft Flooring and Upholstery Options

Polar Kraft Outboard Engine Offerings

With Polar Kraft the choice is YOURS!

Proud partners with the following companies: Suzuki, Mercury, Honda, Yamaha, Tohatsu, and Evinrude

Polar Kraft Outboard Engine Offerings